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According to the "Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing Certain Supporting Policies for the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020)", based on the state's industrial policy on the future development of new materials, and the consensus on the market prospects of technology transfer applications In order to integrate resources, accelerate the establishment of a technological innovation system that takes enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, and combines production, education and research, promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the national new materials industry, realizes a win-win situation for schools and enterprises, and implements "production, learning, and research". In combination, Guangdong Xinbangle Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong University of Technology have reached a strategic cooperation agreement on establishing a long-term, stable and close technical cooperation partnership on the premise of adhering to equality, voluntariness and mutual benefit.

I. General rules of cooperation
1. With the aim of serving high-tech enterprises, upgrading the skills of high-tech talents, and promoting social employment, the two sides intend to gradually establish an all-round, effective mechanism for cooperation between schools and enterprises, production, education and research.
2. In accordance with the principle of market compliance and the principle of voluntary mutual benefit, the two sides unanimously agreed to carry out strategic cooperation between schools and enterprises on the basis of “complementary advantages, equal cooperation, mutual benefit and common development”.
3. In line with the integration of their respective superior resources, enhance the innovation ability and technology level of the enterprise, improve the teaching quality and scientific research level of the school, promote the common progress of the school, the enterprise and the society, and fully transform the scientific research results into productivity that can bring economic benefits. .

Second, cooperation methods and content
1. Area of ​​cooperation
For the technical and management issues related to the functional new materials in the non-metallic mineral products that need to be resolved in Party A's development planning and construction, Party B shall be the technical support unit, and the research cooperation shall be carried out by entrusting Party B to develop or jointly develop.
2. Establishing a research and development institution
Both Party A and Party B jointly established the “Guangdong University of Technology Bangle Technology New Materials R&D Center”, which was listed on both sides and jointly declared the Guangdong Production, Research and Research Demonstration Base when the conditions are ripe.
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