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Corporate culture

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Enterprise vision: adhere to become the research and development of the application of experts; adhere to become non metallic mineral products functional materials leader; adhere to become the best service provider of chemical industry; three years to build a high-tech enterprises; five years to build into a listed company. Integrated global chemical resources to allow more customers to benefit. 
Business philosophy: professional / innovation / beyond / value; mutual trust / inclusion / cooperation / win-win
Enterprise value: responsibility / respect / integrity / diligence / confidence 
Business purposes: wholeheartedly for customer service 
Enterprise mission: to become the best service provider of kaolin in chemical industry 
Four dare: 
A dare to take the interests of the cause, is a bright future;
A company that dares to share the interests of the interests of the majority of employees, is a united, upward, fighting force of the enterprise; 
A dare to share the interests of the enterprise, is able to experience the wind and rain, in the market in an invincible enterprise;
A moment to take social responsibility and corporate interests closely together in the enterprise, is a complete enterprise.