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Company profile

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Company profile
Guangdong new Lok Technology Co., Ltd. is a kaolin based, professional engaged in the production of non-metallic mineral functional materials, technology research and development, marketing, marketing and service integration of new materials science and technology enterprises. Its predecessor is Guangzhou state Le chemical raw material Co., ltd.. Since its inception, the company is committed to become the best service provider of chemical industry, and always to product innovation oriented, to meet customer demand for the highest goal, continuous and stable for domestic and foreign chemical companies to provide high-quality non metallic mineral functional new materials. At present, the company has formed a series of products, standardization, and is widely used in petroleum catalysts, coatings, ceramic glaze, adhesives, engineering plastics, rubber, ink pigment and other industries. After 15 years of development, Guangdong Yue State Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has become a leader in non-metallic mineral functional material, the company straight two production base: Yanshan base in Zhanjiang, Suixi Lingbei base and Guangzhou Le Bang, Shanghai Rui bang, happy state in Chengdu, Guangzhou powder four regional sales company.
Market prospects
Global industry, especially domestic industry after 30 years of rapid development of industrial raw materials by extensive, Dan Xiangxing to the fine, comprehensive type of change. Functional material layer is endless, the market demand has a bright future, but in the high-end products, domestic enterprises still need a large number of foreign high performance functional materials. In order to keep up with foreign non metal functional materials processing technology, and continuously meet the needs of customers, the company in August 2014 to start the Suixi ridge North Africa metal mineral products deep processing project construction work, and strive to build three years to become the leading non metallic functional materials should use technology center.